How Many Nappies do Newborns Use

If you're getting ready to welcome your newborn in the next few days or weeks, you're probably wondering how many nappies you'll need to stock up on. Babies use a LOT of nappies - especially in the first year. And many new parents end up underestimating just how many they really need.

Don't worry, we're here to help! It pays to be prepared, so we'll be giving you a rough guide on how many nappies you'll likely go through a day and at each age stage.

But remember, it's impossible to give an exact number of nappies you'll need because every baby is different. And unfortunately, there's no set schedule for when your baby needs changing; you could use 15 nappies one day and five the next.

How Many Nappies Does a Newborn Need a Day?

Generally, a newborn baby can go through anywhere between 8-10 nappies a day. This number could be higher, however, depending on how often you check and change their nappies to ensure they're as comfortable as possible. This means in the first eight weeks, you could be using up to 600 nappies.

While that may sound like a scarily big number, many nappies can be bulk bought or bought in packs of over 100. So, six packs of 100 nappies should keep you going for the first month or two and can be stored away easily and neatly for whenever you need them.

If your baby is between 4-11 pounds, then you'll need to be using the size one nappies. If you have a larger baby, or your newborn grows quickly to between 9-18 pounds, you'll need size two nappies. On average, most babies weigh around 7.5 pounds, so we recommend buying two or three packs of size one nappies and the rest size two.

How Many Nappies Do Newborns Use a Year?

The good news is as your baby gets older, the amount of nappies they use will dramatically decrease. When they hit the six-month mark, they could be using four to five nappies a day instead of the ten that newborns use. This means that in the first year, you may get through anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 nappies. But this number can vary depending on how much your baby changes and grows.

How Many Nappies by Age

So, just how many nappies do you need at each age stage? We've got you covered below.

0-4 Weeks

In the first four weeks, you expect to go through the most. This is when both you and your baby are getting used to a new routine, from sleeping and eating to, of course, changing nappies. Initially, you may go through more than you need as you'll no doubt be constantly checking. But, generally, 0-4 week-old babies use 10-12 nappies in size 0 or size one nappies in 24 hours.

1-6 Months

When your baby hits the one-month mark, you're in luck as the amount of nappies changes becomes less. You'll likely be changing their nappy 8-10 times a day and will mostly need a size two, moving up to a size three if needed as they get older.

6 Months+

After six months, your child will have fewer bowel movements and will wet less, so anywhere between 5-7 nappy changes may be needed in size three until they reach 12 months old or 22 pounds. From about 12 months, your child may show signs of being ready for potty training, but there's no set age for when this needs to happen. Some children will be out of nappies by the time they're two, while others may still be in nappies at three years old.

Just take your time, be patient, and keep the changing table drawers in the nursery filled with nappies.

How to Plan for How Many Nappies You Need for Trips and Holidays

If you're planning a trip, whether it's a long weekend staycation or a two-week all-inclusive holiday in the sun, you'll need to pack the right amount of nappies without the risk of under or overpacking. A shorter trip usually requires one of two regular packs of nappies, while a longer trip may require two or three larger packs. However, if you're going somewhere hot and sunny where your baby might experience a pool or the sea for the first time, don't forget to account for swim nappies too.

You'll know your baby better than anyone, so you'll know how many nappies roughly they get through a day. Calculate how many nappies you'll need per day of your trip, and then throw in a couple of extra for any emergencies.

Make sure you're fully prepared at home, on the go or on holiday with our range of baby changing bags and mats to make changing your baby's nappy as easy and efficient as possible.