Baby Gyms & Playmats

Baby Gyms & Playmats

It's fun time all the time with the collection of baby playmats and gyms here at Nuby. Across our baby toys collection, you can explore fun-filled baby floor seats, playmats and gyms designed to develop little one's senses and help coordination. We have a wide range of playmats and baby gyms that will help towards when you start tummy time. Our products will help your baby to strengthen their muscles and improve their motor skills. There are lots of different baby toys & teething toys to use with the playmats. Equipped with activity toys, mirrors and music, babies will have a ball, and you’ll have a blast watching them explore and learn on our play mats and gyms. Our activity gyms and tummy time activity pillows are all super soft and snuggly, helping keep your little cutie safe and secure while they learn; and giving your arms and lap a well-deserved rest! Aaaand relax!


When is the right time to start tummy time?

Starting tummy time a day or two after your little one arrives home from the hospital can really benefit their development.  At Nuby, we have a fantastic selection of playmats and gyms that are specifically designed to make tummy time fun and comfortable for your baby. So you can be assured that your little one will have a great time while also reaching their developmental milestones.

What is the correct way to do tummy time?

Tummy time is a wonderful way to help your little one grow and develop while giving them playtime. All you need to do is place your baby on their tummy while they're awake and make sure you're keeping an eye on them. At Nuby, our adorable tummy time mats can help create a safe and fun space for your baby to discover and explore. 

What exactly is tummy time?

Tummy time is a supervised, awake playtime where your baby gets to spend some time on their tummy. This activity is can be very beneficial to babies as it helps in strengthening their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles.  To make this activity even more enjoyable and comfortable, Nuby has a fantastic range of playmats and gyms that are specially designed for tummy time. 

How long should tummy time sessions last?

When it comes to starting tummy time with your little one, it's normal to begin with just a few minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day. As your baby grows stronger, you can gradually increase this time.  Nuby's playmats and gyms are specially crafted to ensure your baby stays entertained and happy during these delightful play sessions.