Nursing Pillows & Accessories

Nursing Pillows & Accessories

Our collection of breastfeeding accessories is here to help make natural just that little bit easier. Here at Nuby UK, we have all the bits and pieces you’ll ever need to help make your ongoing breastfeeding journey a breeze including our range of nursing pillows that provide support during breastfeeding. Explore milk storage bags allowing you to prepare for anything and feed your little one on the go, or stock up on Snug n Dry Bibs to absorb any dribbles and milk splashes. 


How can I use a nursing pillow effectively?

A nursing pillow is designed to provide comfort and support for your baby during feedings. It’s simple! Just wrap the nursing pillow around your waist, ensuring it’s flat and secure. Then, place your baby on the pillow, making sure their mouth aligns with your breast or bottle. Our breastfeeding range includes a variety of nursing pillows, that comes with detailed instructions on how to use them.

Are nursing pillows really necessary?

While they may not be an absolute must-have, many parents find nursing pillows to be incredibly helpful. They provide support during feeding sessions, promote good posture, and reduce strain on your arms, neck, and back. Nuby UK offers a range of nursing pillows  to cater to different needs and preferences.

Are nursing pillows safe for my baby?

Absolutely! When used correctly, nursing pillows are safe for your little one. They are specifically designed to provide support during feedings and should always be used under adult supervision. Rest assured, all nursing pillows in our meet the highest safety standards.

How do nursing pillows actually work?

A nursing pillow works by providing a comfortable and supportive surface for your baby during feedings. It helps raise your baby to an ideal height for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, effectively reducing strain on your arms and back. Our range includes accessories like the Nuby Nursing Pillow Cover to enhance your feeding experience and make it more comfortable for both you and your baby.