Baby Bath Seats & Tubs

Baby Bath Seats & Tubs

Baby baths for your newborn have never been so simple with functional baths and bath accessories from Nuby. We understand the first bathing of such a small, precious human can be quite stressful. Our team have designed practical & convenient baby bath products to take the pressure off and enjoy that special family moment. Explore our newborn baths, bath supports and the all-important accessories that make the bath time experience a safe environment for all.


What should be the temperature of a baby’s bath?

We suggest keeping the bathwater temperature around 37-38°C, which is similar to their body temperature. It’s always a good idea to use a reliable bath thermometer to double-check before placing your precious little one in the bath. You can find more information on how to bathe your baby in our blog.

How do I bathe my baby?

Deciding on daily baths for your baby may vary depending on their age and personal needs. Some little angels love their daily baths, while others may find it too drying for their delicate skin. We always suggest seeking advice from a healthcare professional for personalised guidance in this matter.

When should I start bathing my baby daily?

Daily baths are not necessary for babies, but they can have some benefits for older babies, such as relaxing them before bedtime, keeping them cool in hot weather, or helping them with skin conditions. However, we understand that every baby is unique, so feel free to adjust the frequency based on your baby’s needs and preferences. We have some bath time essentials that can make daily baths more fun and comfortable for your baby.

When should I give my baby their first bath?

Typically, the first bath is given a few days after birth, once the umbilical cord stump has completely dried and fallen off. To ensure your baby has a safe and enjoyable first bath experience, we have a range of products available at Nuby UK that are specially designed for this special occasion. 

How often should I bathe my baby?

Generally, bathing your baby 2-3 times a week is sufficient to keep them clean and fresh. However, if your baby loves bath time, you can make it more enjoyable and stimulating for them with some of our bath toys. They are colourful, interactive, and easy to clean.