Cups & Beakers

Sippy cups, beakers or flexy straw? From those first sips to keeping toddlers and kids hydrated, the Nuby drinking range has an option to suit everyone. New to cups? Eez your way through with our baby beakers and baby cups – great for little mouths just getting the hang of drinking. Is your little one thirsty for more? Our 12+ cup and soft spout cups ranges are the perfect choice for tots on their way to independent drinking. Browse baby beakers boasting adorable designs featuring dinosaurs, robots, flowers and wildlife, and discover options that your children will adore.


What is a beaker?

A beaker is a special type of cup with a wider mouth and it even comes with a lid most of the time. It’s specifically designed to help little ones make the transition from bottles to trainer cups. our Cups & Beakers Collection offers a great range of beakers that are perfect for different stages of your child’s development.

When can a baby start using a sippy cup?

Typically, babies can start using a sippy cup at around 4 months of age, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can vary depending on the individual child’s development. At Nuby, we have put together a range of sippy cups like the in our Introducing Beakers & Cups blog to make this transition easier.

What is a sippy cup?

A sippy cup is a fantastic training cup that usually comes with handles and a lid with a spout. It’s specifically designed to prevent any spills as your child learns how to sip instead of suck. Nuby UK’s Cups & Beakers Collection includes a variety of sippy cups each with their own unique features to support your child’s development.

When should I introduce a sippy cup?

You can start introducing a sippy cup to your baby when they’re around 4 months old, or whenever they seem ready to move on from bottles or breastfeeding. Just remember, every child is unique and might reach this stage at their own pace. So go ahead and explore our amazing selection of sippy cups and beakers in our range to find the perfect fit for your little one.