Ideas, Tips and Essentials for Baby's Nursery


Planning and decorating the nursery for your baby is a lovely thing to do, it’s good fun and you can put your own stamp on it.

Lots of people like to get the nursery ready during pregnancy, as it’s a special time – and also one less thing to do when baby arrives! You’re not alone though if you feel a bit daunted by the task and not sure where to start.

In the early days, it’s advised to keep baby in your room when they’re asleep, so you’ll likely find that the nursery becomes a multi-use room for changing, storage and a space to relax in.

It also depends on the space you have in your home – some people use a spare bedroom, for others the nursery is in your room.

Here at Nuby, we’ve had lots of fun designing a wide range of lovely items which are perfect for your baby’s first room! And we’ve got some handy advice to help make planning the nursery an exciting time for you and your family.

What should go in a baby’s nursery?

We spoke to Nuby mums to ask them for their essential items to include in the nursery, and we’ve listed some of their top suggestions.  

Remember that many people choose to buy items for the nursery in stages, so if you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you have to get everything all at once. In reality, the nursery is a practical but peaceful room that you’ll make work for you, and can be rearranged as time goes on.    

The cot

Top of the list for pretty much every nursery is the cot and according to one mum, “it’s good to think practically about where you want your baby to sleep and what you need at the time. When you have a newborn, they’ll be in the same room as you for at least the first six months, so we chose a cot that our daughter could use in time and opted for a co-sleeping crib in the early days.”
Safe sleeping is the most important thing and you’ll also want to look for a design that fits your room and is easy to put together.

The good thing is that there are lots of different options to suit your budget and requirements, so have a look around to find what’s best for you and baby.

Often it can come down to the space you have available too. A bigger cotbed can be more expensive, but will last you a number of years. However, many new parents choose to have something smaller for the first six months.

Our stylish Sleep By Me bedside crib is a great option if you’re looking for a versatile crib, which can be adjusted to the height of your bed for safe co-sleeping, or used as a standalone crib.

It’s suitable from birth to around six months and aids sleep with lights, lullabies, white noise and soft vibrations, as well as coming with an easy incline to help with reflux, colic and indigestion.


According to The Lullaby Trust the mattress you use should be firm and flat, and protected by a waterproof cover to help keep it clean and dry. It should also be in good condition and fit the Moses basket or cot properly. 


A question that comes up a lot is: when can my baby sleep with a blanket?

From birth, your baby’s sleep space should be free from items such as soft toys, loose bedding or bumpers – take out anything that doesn’t need to be in there. For safe sleeping, the Lullaby Trust advises parents to use lightweight sheets or blankets, that are firmly tucked in and not above shoulder height.

Baby should sleep on their back in the ‘feet to foot’ position (feet at the foot of the cot) to avoid bedding covering their head. Don’t use duvets, bulky bedding or pillows with babies under the age of one, because of the risk of suffocation.

Baby sleeping bags are a safe alternative to sheets and blankets. We have some secure options for babies at 0 – 6 months and 6 – 18 months.    

Changing table

“Having a changing table in the nursery really helped, we used it all the time and kept the nappies in a storage section,” a mum of two told us. Again, there are lots of options for changing tables, depending on the size of the room and having one which doubles up for storing nappies, wipes and changing accessories can be handy. Look for one which suits your needs.

A comfy feeding chair

A little tip from a Nuby mum: “If you have the space for a comfy chair, or even a sofa bed, it’s well worth the investment. When you’re in with baby or feeding, having somewhere to sit and relax really helps.”


You won’t believe how much stuff you end up with when baby arrives! So, another good investment is a nice little chest of drawers to keep baby’s clothes and other bits and bobs in. Depending on your space, you may choose drawers, a small wardrobe, shelves or storage bins.

Laundry basket

You’ll find that you go through lots of clothes when you have a little one, so it’s handy to have a laundry basket in the nursery to pop dirty clothes in. They come in all sorts of cute designs, so it’s often a lovely extra for the room too.

Are cot mobiles a good idea?

“I used to put her in the cot and let her look at the mobile, she was fascinated by it and it gave her something to focus on.”

Until baby arrives you never quite know what their sleep patterns will be like and what will help them the most. One mum told us that her cot mobile was great for day and night as her baby loved watching it during the day, so it was good for her development, and it was calming for night.

Cot mobiles fit easily onto most cots, check that you pick one suitable for their age and make sure it is attached securely.

Our lovely Cloud and Star cot mobile is a great option, the dreamy characters twirl around, providing a calming environment for your little one as the soothing lullabies send your baby off to sleep.

What other accessories should I include?

When you’re decorating the nursery, it’s lovely to think about the little extras that really make a difference to the space. Choosing colours is great fun, but also one of the hardest parts (especially if you’ve opted for a surprise!) – you may want something more gender neutral and people often opt for soft, simple tones to create a relaxing environment.

You’ll also want to consider items that will help to soothe your baby when they’re sleeping, so it’s a calming and quiet room. To distinguish between day and night, keep the room light in the day and use dim lighting at night.

Things we love:

  • Photographs and nice pictures to hang on the walls, or special mementos of baby’s first moments. Our adorable Penguin and Pals >wall prints are a lovely addition to your nursery walls with their on-trend, soft grey and white design.<br></li><li>White noise and baby sound machines remind your little one of the cosy time they spent in your womb, so they can help to lull baby to sleep. We recommend our <a href=Light and Sound Sleep Aid>in super cute penguin design, which comes with four different sounds (lullaby, heartbeat and two types of white noise) and a soft glow, to comfort and calm baby.<br><br></li><li>We’re big book fans here at Nuby and they make a lovely addition to your shelves. You’ll always remember those precious moments reading to baby and enjoying stories together. Interactive books are great for baby’s development too, like our animal themed <a href=activity book.  ><br><br></li><li>Take a look at our portable <a href=Snuggle Pod >which is a soft surface for supervised sleep, naps and great for tummy time.</li></ul>
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<p>We’d love to hear your ideas for the nursery too! Share in the comments or get in touch with us on social media.</p>
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