Travel Bags & Baby Carriers

Travel Bags & Baby Carriers

In our nursery and newborn department here at Nuby, we’ve got a number of best-selling Nuby baby carriers andbaby changing bags for you to choose from. When you’re out and about with a baby in tow, having everything you need in one easy-to-access bag makes life with a little one that bit easier. In our collection of Nuby baby carriers and changing bags, you can find our backpack changing bag with included changing mat and multiple handy pockets, alongside 3-in-1 toddler and baby carriers that provide comfort and security for both you and your little one when you’re on the go.


Do I need a travel changing bag and mat?

A travel bag makes changing easy and keeps your baby clean and dry wherever you happen to be.

Nuby travel bags are designed to take the hassle out of changing your baby when you're out and about. They hold all baby's holiday essentials such as wipes, nappies and changing pads in practical compartments.

Our travel change mats make changing your little one hassle-free and comfortable. You don't have to carry a whole changing bag, and the built-in foam pillow keeps your baby's head comfortable wherever you go.

How long can baby be in a carrier?

Nuby baby carriers should only be used by adults when walking or standing, never in a vehicle or during sports activities. Regularly check that your child is safe and comfortable, with their face uncovered.

Before using the product, always read the instructions for the specific product and consult a doctor if the baby has a medical condition or is low birthweight.

Are baby carriers safe for a newborn?

Buggies are great, but if you prefer carrying baby close, Nuby baby carriers are safe for use from a newborn through to 6 months. They are designed to keep your little one close, safe and comfortable. 

At Nuby, our infant carriers are safe for babies up to a maximum weight of 14kg. However, be sure to read the instructions for use for the specific carrier product.

When is it safe to travel with a baby?

Traveling with your little one can usually be considered safe once they reach a few weeks old, but it's always a good idea to chat with a healthcare professional just to be on the extra safe side. They'll be able to provide you with the best guidance based on your circumstances and baby's health.

At Nuby, our collection of carriers and travel bags has some amazing travel-friendly products that can make your journeys with your little one a breeze. Not only will they make your travels easier, but they will also ensure that your little bundle of joy is comfortable throughout the trip.