Baby Changing Bags & Mats

Baby Changing Bags & Mats

Our baby changing mats and bags are here to make life with a little one that bit easier. There is space to keep all your essentials for your baby changing needs. Our entire range is portable so you can take it on the go, and works well with products from our travel collection

Nuby's baby changing bags have multiple zipped pockets so you can take all that you need. Our bags and mats also are waterproof and can easily be cleaned. Our changing bag bundles also include matching baby carriers, that can be adjusted so you and baby can be comfortable.


How many nappies does a baby use per day?

The number of nappies a baby goes through can actually vary quite a bit depending on how old they are and how they’re being fed. Generally, newborns tend to use about 10-12 nappies each day, while older babies usually go through around 6-8 nappies. At Nuby, we have a fantastic range of nursery accessories that are specifically designed to make nappy changes a whole lot easier and convenient for everyone involved. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you can feel good about your choice.

What is the correct way to change a nappy?

Changing a nappy can seem like a lot, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! It involves a few simple steps like removing the soiled nappy, gently cleaning your little one’s bottom with baby wipes or a damp cloth, and applying any creams or ointments if needed. Then, it’s just a matter of putting on a fresh, clean nappy. Nuby has got you covered with a range of products designed to make the whole nappy changing process a breeze. You can find some of our travel bags and changing mats, that are soft and waterproof, easy to clean and fold.

What should I pack in a baby changing bag?

If you’re looking for a baby changing bag that’s got everything you need, we’ve got you covered. Our range of Nuby baby changing bags are specially designed with multiple compartments to keep all the essentials organised and easily accessible. You can expect to find spare nappies, baby wipes, a changing mat, spare clothes, and even feeding supplies in a well-stocked bag. You can browse our feeding collection to find bottles, cups, breast pumps, and other feeding supplies for your baby.