Neutral Nursery Ideas for 2023

Parents are all about neutral nursery designs. The soft and down-to-earth colours create a sense of calm and sophistication, and not considered gender specific.

If you’re looking to design a neutral nursery room, these neutral nursery ideas will help you get a head start and unleash your creativity.

Should your baby’s room be colourful?

Before diving into what colours make for the perfect gender-neutral nursery, let’s explore how colours impact your baby’s development.

Up until they’re three-months-old, babies can’t see colour, only shades of black, white, and grey, because their retina is not fully developed yet. So, whichever colour you choose for the nursery, your baby won’t be able to see it. What has a great impact on your child’s development at this stage, however, is contrast. According to Dr Sears Wellness Institute, babies are able to recognise contrasting shades in black and white or dark and light, and that strong visual stimulation adheres the development of your baby’s optic nerve and visual part of its brain, which is crucial.

As your baby grows older, they will be able to recognise colour, and this is a great opportunity to introduce some new shades through hanging wall art, blankets, cushions, baby toys, a sleeping bag for a newborn, and furniture. This will stimulate your child’s cognitive behaviour and aid them in their learning process as they start to speak.

If you want to design the ultimate gender-neutral nursery, use a mixture of shapes and patterns in primary colours to create contrast and keep adding colours as your baby grows.

What are some neutral colours for a nursery room?

There are a lot of beautiful colours to choose from when it comes to decorating your little one's nursery room, but the best ones are those that create a calming environment, promoting your baby’s restful sleep, healthy growth, and good mood.

As we established, according to colour psychology, various shades play a different role in the baby’s development. To achieve that colour contrast and stimulate your newborn’s optic nerve, play with light and dark primary neutral shades, such as whites, creams, and greys.

The nursery paint colours that are trending in 2022 and into 2023 are primarily from the neutral palette. Think grey with green undertones – it exudes balance and harmony and is also quite sophisticated. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog, for example, was named the 2022 Nursery Colour of the Year. Earth tones such as warm browns and beiges, and warm neutrals such as pale oak and farrow are also great choices.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, yellow is a great gender-neutral one to consider. It’s a happy colour that uplifts your baby’s mood and is also the most popular one amongst parents. Keep in mind that yellow can be overly stimulating if it’s too bright, so its best to go for more pastel or pale tones of yellow.

The best neutral nursery ideas

Designing an elegant and retreat-like neutral nursery isn’t just about the colours you choose. Having a theme can bring the whole room together and make all of the design and furniture elements work cohesively. Our favourite themes are ideal for a neutral nursery and easy-to-achieve.

Animal adventures nursery design theme

What’s a baby’s best friend? An animal. The Animal Adventures nursery design focuses on various shades of grey matched with pastel blues, browns, and yellow to bring forward the main characters – the animals – in a subtle way. Paint the walls in shades of light grey, such as arctic grey or bright grey, and create contrast by opting for darker grey furniture, such as hardware grey or fortress grey. Creams are also a good colour for this theme.

Your baby’s play time will take on new horizons with the Animal Adventures Play Mat with Gym, designed to bring the whole team together. For when your baby grows older, our Animal Adventures Sit Me Up Floor Seat will aid you when it comes to training baby to sit up and will also perfectly compliment the nursery design.

Decorations are also essential in any theme. Place pictures and prints on the walls and opt for blankets and cushions in contrasting shades of grey and creams with accent pastel colours.

Cloud and star neutral nursery design theme

Another neutral nursery design theme that we love is the Cloud and Star Nursery Collection. It’s incredibly dreamy and comforting and can take you and your child to the world of dreams with ease.

Similar to the Penguin and Pals theme, opt for light and dark shades of grey but feel free to introduce some whites and creams for a softer look and feel.

We recommend adding our Baby Bouncer Chair to your nursery to help you calm your baby with a rocking motion, while it stares at the cute cloud and star toys above it. For extra soothing, our Cloud Comforter will snuggle your baby and entertain it with the squawking clout and star characters.

You can never go wrong with designing your baby’s nursery in neutral colours and motifs. These colour palettes never go out of fashion; they don’t reinforce gender stereotypes and are perfect for upgrading once your baby starts growing and you decide to add more colour.

At Nuby, we offer everything your newborn might need. Make sure you browse our collections for more inspiration for your neutral nursery design.