A Nappy Cream Applicator and So Much More... In fact, 49 Other Uses for It

1.     Scooping Nutella out from the bottom of a jar 

2.     God tier: Food fight weapon

3.     A professional cake icing tool

4.     A foundation applicator

5.     Eating cream eggs at easter time… how do you eat yours like?

6.     Applying fake tan

7.     Stirring your tea

8.     Making lasagne

9.     Jewellery stand

10.  Stick arms and eyes to it and make Forky from Toy story; the ‘perfect’ toy for any child between 3 to 13 years old 

11.  Missing monopoly piece

12.  Silicone and grout application

13.  Ingredient mixer

14.  Cream cheese scoop

15.  Facial wax application

16.  Non-facial wax applicator

17.  Pet patter

18.  Shoe horn

19.  Tucking bedding in

20.  Bike tyre removal

21.  The PERFECT gift for anyone really...

22.  A prodder for getting peoples attention

23.  Webbed foot scratcher

24.  Door opener tool

25.  Door stopper

26.  Butter spreader

27.  Ice scraper

28.  Fly swatter

29.  Foot Massager

30.  Drawing in the sand

31.  Oil painting tool

32.  Orchestra Conductor's Baton

33.  Spider web remover

34.  2 in 1 snot roller & flicker

35.  Flower seed spreader

36.  Side direction changer

37.  False teether fixative spreader

38.  Play-Dough building tool

39.  Light switch flicker

40.  Letter opener

41.  Paddle for a squirrel's kayak

42.  Guitar plectrum

43.  Condensation clearer

44.  Rocking table leg wedge

45.  Stick it to your head and you have Unicorn horn

46.  Mixing spoon for Sunday baking

47.  Face mask holder

48.  Separating your kids food because ‘They cannot possibly touch’

49.  Game of ‘wall darts’

50.  The most farfetched of all - Use it to apply nappy cream