Cracking the Reflux Code: Rocking the Foundations

For the whole 12 weeks of their baby's life, he had screamed, cried, fought, scratched, vomited, had hiccups and NEVER slept day or night.  He was walked, rocked in arms, put in a sling - and when I met his parents, they were at total breaking point. They have been so utterly distraught, isolated, helpless and actually told me how they’d felt close to after 12, previously blissful years together NOTHING has challenged them or their relationship in such a deeply distressing way. No-one was able to help. Sadly this is a common story to me and the trauma of dealing with a screaming baby who is in pain can truly rock the most stable of foundations.

However, after spending time with the family, we had a breakthrough when we were able to get the Doctor to agree to change milk to Neocate LCP and prescribe Omeprazole.  I added instant Carobel, Nuby Reduce Reflux bottles that allowed his parents to feed him in an upright position which is much better for him, Daktarin Gel for the oral thrush and I sprinkled lashings of my Magic Sleepy Dust...…. he slept in his cot that night for a full 12.5 hours with only 2 minor disturbances! After sinking an 8 ounce feed the morning after, within the hour he’s already back in bed for nap time!  Finally his parents feel like they’re getting somewhere.

It's so easy to dismiss reflux and say it’s probably colic or a colicky baby…and not consider it to be a real problem!  But for many parents it’s so real and we need to talk more about it in order to tackle it rather than hope these problems will just go away. I hear and see so many parents who think it’s their own fault that their little one isn’t sleeping or isn’t feeding properly and I just hope that eventually we will get there in supporting them in the right way as it can be one of the most distressing conditions for both babies and parents.

I’ve dedicated a whole section of my book to Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and Dietary-related Intolerances where you can find out even more (click here if you want to get your hands on a copy)

Alison Scott-Wright is a Mum and Grandmother with a love of babies and a sixth sense when it comes to understanding them.  

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