Right now, life has changed pretty much overnight! The uncertainty & anxiety we are all feeling due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is so real and trying to keep our little ones safe & protected against the world has never been more important than it is right now.

We are being advised to keep washing our hands, use sanitiser gels & stay away from any germs as much as possible.  I am constantly wiping surfaces and floors but let’s face it, when little ones are running about, they soon need doing again don’t they?

As we know babies, and toddlers especially, are constantly putting stuff in their mouths and dropping their dummies on the floor & as a parent I don’t feel comfortable using harsh chemicals which could aggravate their sensitive skin or make way in to their mouths. 

Sidney is 16 months old & relies on his dummy constantly throughout the day, & pretty much has done since birth! Now that he’s a little older and on the move, it seems it is often dropped on the floor or he will hide it in different places & getting it grubby so it felt like a constant battle and I used to worry so much about keeping it germ free….  that was until I found the Nuby UV Dummy Steriliser!

It’s been the best little gadget and it’s now easier than ever to ensure Sid’s dummies are germ and bacteria free.  It’s honestly really simple to use – you simply pop the dummy in the little box, close the lid, press the button and away it goes! It only takes 3 mins for the UV technology to sterilise the dummy so I can quickly pass back to Sidney as soon as he needs it again.  

The best bit I find about it is that, not only is it portable, there also isn’t any need for a microwave, water or cleaning solution! So, no matter where we are in the world, home or abroad (obviously once we can start to travel again!) or even out if I’m out for a walk in his buggy, I know I can quickly sterilise his dummies on the go! - I know, a total game changer, right?!

It really is up at the top of my list as an essential product that I just can’t live without, especially in today’s current climate that we have found ourselves in. 

Some practical info to share with you is that it can be operated with batteries or can charged by a USB port (which we all have available!) and has a handy little strap which can be attached to any change bag or pram. I never leave home without it!

Author - Michelle Brown, Mum of 4 to Sienna- Rose, Ronny, Frankie & Sidney @michelle_elia_brown