Best Products for Travelling with Baby

Whether it is your first family holiday or you’re going away to stay with your in-laws for the weekend, if you’ve got to pack to travel with a baby or toddler, you want to make sure you have everything you need, not just for your journey but for the duration of your stay.

Wherever you are going, or how long you’re staying, we’ve got you covered on what to pack. We’ve reviewed our full range of Nuby products and have pulled together our definitive list of the best baby travel products.

Depending on whether you’re travelling with a newborn or a toddler your needs will be slightly different. We’ve made sure to include all the holiday with baby must have essentials to make sure you have what you need for your trip.

Traveling with a newborn

Travelling and staying overnight with a newborn might seem daunting. But if you stick to shorter travel times and have the right equipment with you, you can make the trip easier and more relaxing.

Breaking a longer journey up into manageable chunks will not only benefit your baby, so that they are not in their car seat for hours at a time, it will give you the chance to stretch your legs, time to make up bottles and feed your baby. You will be sure to arrive in a more relaxed state than if you try to take on too long a stretch in one go.

What to pack for a holiday with a baby?

We’ve pulled together a list of our top items to take with you.

Portable sterilisers for bottles and dummies

We’ve put this one at the top of the list because it is just so important. Being able to rustle up a bottle in a hurry when you’re far from home relies on having a sterilised one to hand. Whether you are away from home for a few days or even weeks, there is a Nuby steriliser to suit your needs.

Our top three choices for on the go sterilising are:

  • Low cost: Nuby Microwave Steriliser Bags – available in packs of six these are lightweight, low-cost option for sterilising bottles if you will be staying somewhere with a microwave.
  • Luxury: Our rechargeable, superfast, stylish Portable UV Steriliser will sterilise your bottles, dummies, breast pumps, toys and other small items in just 3 minutes, with no need to add any water or chemicals. Easy to carry in an attractive bag this travel steriliser means you will never be caught out.
  • Dummies: The award-winning Nuby UV Dummy Steriliser is a small, handy, clip-on UV steriliser that you can take everywhere. No more tears all the way home after a dropped dummy.

You can read more about how to sterilise baby bottles in our dedicated blog article.

Nuby UV Steriliser

Bottle feeding on the go (Nuby RapidCool™)

The Nuby RapidCool™ Portable Baby Bottle Maker is our top pick for bottle feeding on the go.

The RapidCool™ will cool boiling water to the perfect, drinkable temperature for your baby in just 2 minutes. Just add the correct amount of boiling water, using the measuring lines inside the flask along with your baby formula, mix, close and wait for the green light. With Nuby RapidCool™ you can go from zero to 120ml feed ready in 120 seconds.

Nuby RapidCool™ is also available in a kit.

Our blog article on how to make baby bottles includes some useful tips on how to prep a baby bottle on the go.

Nuby Sleep by Me Crib

Travel cribs

The foldable Nuby Sleep By Me Crib comes with its own travel case, making it easy to transport. Suitable from birth to 6 months the crib has 7 adjustable heights, mesh panels so that you can see your baby, and a zip open, fold-down, side panel for during the night. Watch the video below and see just how easy and light it is to assemble.

Nuby Baby Carrier

What would going on holiday be without adventure? Being able to carry your baby safely and comfortably while out sightseeing, shopping or hopping on and off public transport, keeping your hands free, is a must.

For the traveller we recommend the Nuby Out & About bundle in Grey and Leopard Print. These hip healthy travel sets, including a 3 in 1 baby carrier with 3 positions suitable from birth to toddler, also come with a matching changing bag and a changing mat. Stylish, comfortable and practical, we would definitely class this item as essential luggage.


Choose a baby changing bag backpack

A backpack changing bag is the best way to carry all the essentials you need for day trips and visits while on your holiday. With a range of compartments and comfortable, adjustable straps you will have everything you need on hand and your hands free to push a pram or hold little hands on your day out with baby.

Our backpack changing bags are available in grey and leopard print. These good looking and practical backpacks come with a changing mat.


Travel Change Mat

Because you need to be able to do a quick nappy change wherever you are, a comfortable changing mat is one of the first things you need to pack when going on holiday with your baby.

The Nuby Travel Changing Mat is actually a 2-in-1 nappy bag and changing mat with a foam pillow. Designed with days out in mind it folds into a bag with an adjustable strap suitable for hooking onto the handles of your pram. Open the exterior zip to pop in or retrieve nappies from the inner mesh bag without having to unfold the mat, it also includes a baby wipe case to keep your baby wipes from drying out between uses.

Dummy & Teether Wipes

The next best thing to our UV Dummy Steriliser, Nuby Dummy and Teether Wipes, available as two packs of 48 wipes, are easy to slip into your changing bag when you are going away. Vanilla milk scented and made from food-grade ingredients and with a non-toxic formula from Citroganix™ these wipes are useful for cleaning not just dummies but also teethers, teats and small toys that have been dropped by your baby or toddler.

Traveling with a toddler – what to pack

If your child is toddler age you are no doubt by now a fairly-well seasoned baby travel expert. Adding just a few items to your toddler travel toolkit will help with smooth sailing on the next leg of your journey.

Our must haves for tantrum free toddler travel are:

Travel cutlery

A feeding bowl with travel lid cutlery is a great way to store snacks and meals when you are travelling. The chunky easy to hold fork and spoon snap into the lid for transporting and are suitable for feeding your baby or for a toddler who is feeding themselves. Available in a choice of colours and dishwasher safe, this is one to add to your holiday packing list.

Roll up bibs

A roll up, wipe-clean bib will help make toddler mealtimes a little less messy. Nuby 3D Silicone Bibs are perfect for the job. Available in three fun, colourful designs: flamingo, rocket and toucan the bibs fasten behind the neck (4 fastening hole options) catching food in the curve at the bottom. Just empty and wipe clean, fold it away to transport. If you’re staying somewhere with a dishwasher, the good news is that these bibs are dishwasher safe too!

Nuby 3D Silicone Bib, Dippy Spoon & SureGrip Bowl

A travel booster seat

One of the best things about holidays is having more time to enjoy meals together. This may also be one of the first times your child is experiencing meals out in cafes or restaurants.

Having a travel booster seat will turn any high-backed dining chair into a highchair. With your toddler sitting securely and comfortably, they will feel included at the table when you are eating out, leaving you able to enjoy your meal too.

Take a look at our Travel Booster Seat. Lightweight and compact it folds neatly into an over the shoulder carry bag. Easy clean waterproof fabric and a comfy cushion seat make it practical for you and comfortable for your toddler. Suitable for children from 6 months to 36 months, the 3-point harness and safety straps secure your toddler in the seat and the seat to a chair.

A portable toilet seat

Toilet training doesn’t stop because you are away from home. The easy grip handles on the Nuby Toilet Seat Trainer make it easy and hygienic to fit into place on a toilet that is not your own. Wipe clean and with a quick release fitting mechanism it also helps keep your child safe from germs and feeling confident when using the toilet away from home.

Nuby Toilet Trainer Seat

Travel toys

Anyone who has ever travelled with a toddler will know the value of keeping little hands busy and minds occupied on a journey. Music, video and audio stories are all great for keeping little ones entertained. In addition to these, a selection of puzzles, books and favourite toys from home will give them something to concentrate on and keep them happy.

My Busy Book, a delightful, brightly coloured activity book, combines a fun range of activities including zips, laces, buttons and Velcro numbers,  and is bound to be a firm favourite on journeys. Its lightweight book design and carry handles make it a perfect item to take with you, however you are travelling.

Let’s get packing

We’ve tried to pack the best of our baby and toddler travel products into this article. The right equipment can make all the difference to the smooth running of your holiday, maximising enjoyment for everyone. We hope you’ve found what you were looking for, if there are other items you think you might like to take with you, you can find out more about the full range of Nuby products by browsing the various categories on our website. Wishing you Bon Voyage from team Nuby.