What Do You Take to a Baby Shower?


Baby showers are a great way to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. The star of the show might not be here yet, but you’ll probably want to buy them a little gift in advance. After all, what is a baby shower without a party?

Here at Nuby, we have created a guide on what to buy for a baby shower. It doesn’t matter if the gift is something exciting or essential, this is a chance to help your loved ones ease into parenthood.

What to buy for a baby shower?

Baby swing chair

Sleep – we don’t know how important it is until it’s gone. Getting a newborn baby to sleep can be challenging at the best of times. A baby swing chair is perfect for a snooze session and can become any new parent’s knight in shining armour.

Bath thermometer

Bath and Room Thermometer

It doesn’t matter how old you are, bath time can be a relaxing way to end the day. A bath is actually a great way to establish a nighttime routine, especially for newborn babies. Our turtle bath thermometer makes sure the water is the right temperature for a splash in the tub.

Also, our penguin bath and room thermometer is perfect for bath time and bedtime. It makes sure the water is the right temperature for a splash in the tub. Then, you can just pop it back in the nursery afterwards to check the room is the right temperature for your little one to drift to sleep.

Baby carrier

Mums and dads will want to take their newborn baby with them when they venture outside of the house. A hand-held baby carrier can be tiring to carry around for long periods of time, so you can get a newborn baby carrier that fastens around the parent’s body. It’s a lot easier than using your hands, and you’ve got your arms free for other things too!

Interactive play gym

A swing chair, carrier, and thermometer all make life for new parents a little easier. But what about the newborn baby? If you want to buy something special for the star of the show, you can gift them with an interactive play gym. These let babies kick back and relax on a soft mat and play to their heart’s content.

Inflatable sit up baby seat

After a long day of playing and being adorable, newborn babies might want to sit up and see the wonderful world around them. An inflatable baby seat is perfect for little ones. Also, changing positions from lying flat on their back is also good for their health and development.

These are some of our favourite gifts to take to a baby shower. Whether you’re invited to an event or you’re planning one for someone else, there is no one right time to have a baby shower. When you’re ready, have fun and celebrate with your closest circle. Which of our top picks do you like the best?