Newborn Essentials to Pack in a Holiday Bag

The summer months are just around the corner, and you might find yourself planning your next family holiday. And we know that packing a travel bag can be stressful for anyone, especially if you have a newborn baby to consider.

To help you pack the perfect holiday back with ease, our team has created the ultimate guide full of newborn essentials, including changing bags and baby carriers.

What to pack when travelling on a plane with a baby

Whether you’re travelling on a long-haul flight or not, here are some of the basic necessities every parent should pack when travelling on a plane with a baby.

Baby changing backpack

Baby changing bags are the bread and butter of travelling as a parent. These will carry all of your newborn essentials, from nappies to baby wipes and a change of clothes. If you’re carrying multiple bags, you can also try our baby changing backpack for comfort and ease.

Portable baby bottle maker

Newborn babies usually feed every 2–3 hours. If you’re travelling on an aeroplane, chances are your baby will want a snack or two. A portable baby bottle maker will help you a make feast worthy of a king when you’re flying through the air.

UV dummy steriliser

Nobody wants their baby kicking up a fuss on a plane. To keep your newborn sound asleep for the whole plane journey, make sure you pack multiple dummies and a UV dummy steriliser. This will keep them clean for the whole journey.

Interactive toys

If your newborn isn’t feeling sleepy enough to take a nap, you can pack some interactive toys to keep them entertained in the sky. Here at Nuby, we have a number of toys that crinkle and shine enough to keep your baby mesmerised.

What should you pack for your baby when going on holiday?

The real holiday begins when you step off the plane and feel the summer breeze for yourself. To make the most out of your family holiday, remember to pack these newborn essentials.

Travel change mat

You never know when you’ll need to change your newborn’s nappy. A travel changing mat lets you change on the go, wherever and whenever. It can also be wiped clean and folded back into your back quickly and easily.

Pushchairs and newborn baby carriers

Pushchairs are a must on any family holiday. You might also want to pack an across the body newborn baby carrier. These keep your newborns close without straining your arms after walking down a sandy shore.

Interactive play gym

Summer holidays should be full of fun and games, whether you’re a parent relaxing in the sun or a newborn gearing up for their first summer of fun. Interactive play gyms are great for stimulating your baby and offering you a slice of peace.

Portable UV steriliser

Newborn babies are messy at the best of times. We recommend that parents take a portable UV steriliser on holiday with them, so every dropped dummy or used bottle can be cleaned and ready to use again in an instant.

What clothes should you pack for baby when travelling on holiday?

We don’t know about you, but packing clothes can be one of the most overwhelming tasks. Thanks to our list, choosing clothes for your baby shouldn’t be as stressful.


Bodysuits are a basic necessity for any newborn. They’re great for nighttime and perfect for the daytime too. If you’re going somewhere warm, pack lots of short-sleeve onesies and layer with outerwear.

Lightweight outerwear

However you decide to dress your baby, make sure you’re packing lightweight pieces of clothes, such as long-sleeve tops and pants. These can be layered on top of short-sleeve onesies to make sure your newborn stays out of direct sunlight and doesn’t overheat.

Sun hats

Sun hats are a cute addition to any outfit. They also protect your newborn baby’s head and reduce the chances of heatstroke, so remember to pack a few spare!

You might think that newborn babies need a team to take care of their every need. Here at Nuby, we know that the love of a parent is enough to make any baby safe and sound. Where will you be going on holiday?