Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer
Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer

Newborn Bath Support & Thermometer

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  • Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and safety when bathing precious little ones. 
  • The soft grey material is super soft and warms quickly for added comfort. 
  • Hygienically designed to drain water easily and air dry quickly. 
  • Super durable material holds its shape, is lightweight, and easy to take on your travels. 
  • Use easily by placing directly in your own bath or within a baby bath.

Perfect for your babies first bath, from birth to 6 months. This Newborn Baby Bath Support has a cushioned back rest making it super comfortable for your baby. It quickly warms to temperature and has a soft angled area to place your baby. Bath time is easy and safe with the max water level indictor on the side. It also has a handle making it super easy to move!

The handy little penguin makes bath time super safe so you and your baby can have lots of fun without the worry. The easy to read LCD screen gives you a fast and accurate temperature reading. Simply tap the thermometer to switch it on then float it in the bath to check the temperature of the water. The recommended temperature is 37°C. The screen flashes red when the water is too HOT! 

After bath time is over, simply take the thermometer with you to baby's nursery. It can stand upright on a flat surface (out of reach from baby) so you can check the temperature of the room at any time. The recommended temperature is 19°C.


1 x Newborn Baby Bath Support | Functional Bath Time | Nuby UK

1 x Penguin Bath & Room Thermometer | Baby Bath | Nuby UK

SKU: WB047

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The thermometer is waterproof and can be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. Dry with a soft cloth. Other cleaning methods may damage the thermometer and should be avoided. 

WARNING: Always use with adult supervision. Only operate in water when fully assembled according to instructions. Never put thermometer in boiling water. Important instructions enclosed inside product. Please read and retain for future reference. 

How To Use

To turn on the thermometer, simply give it a tap or gently tap it against a firm surface. The digital screen will display an accurate temperature of the room or bath depending on what you are using it for. Please see the guidance for the best temperature for both babies bedroom and bath. To check the temperature of bath water, simply place the thermometer into the bath water. The temperature of the bath water should be approximately 98.6°F/37°C. If the bath water is too hot the thermometer will indicate this by a red flashing light and the screen will read 'HOT'. 

Recommended room temperature is 19°C. Baby's bath water should be at a maximum of 37°C.

Replacing the battery: Open battery cover with a coin or flat head screwdriver [Fig 1]. Replace with new CR2032 Lithium battery ensuring negative side faces down and waterproof lining is in place [Fig 2], before securing the battery cover again.