If there’s one baby item I couldn’t be without it's a steriliser. It’s so important to keep baby items such as Bottles, Dummies, Breast Feeding Equipment and Teething Rings sterile.

The Nuby Electric SteriDryer is absolutely one of my favourite sterilisers. Gone are the days I burn myself on water when getting the bottles out as this steriliser actually dries bottles too.

I remember when my eldest was a baby and in those rush moments when he needed feeding I would just pop my hand in to get the bottles out and “Ouch it burnt”. No longer an issue with this steriliser.

As well as being super stylish, this steriliser comes with three different settings so you can choose which setting suits you at the time. Sterilise in 5 minutes, sterilise and quick dry in 15 minutes and sterilise and super dry in 30 mins.  With a flick of a switch you have yourself perfectly safe and sterile baby products in minutes.

It doesn’t matter which setting you use. Each setting will leave everything 99.9% germ free and will keep all your feeding equipment and any other baby accessories sterile for 24 hours as long as the lid is kept closed. I know the panic feelings that mums feel to keep everything clean, especially now during these times of Covid-19. It’s all so worrying, but having this steriliser gives me extra peace of mind that its killing those germs.

As you can see Nuby are one of my top Baby Brands and we absolutely love all of their products. We will be using Nuby bottles this time around, but no matter what brand of bottles you use this steriliser will fit 5 bottles comfortably inside.

The Electric Steriliser Dryer comes with a Dummy and a Combat Colic 180ml Bottle, which I think is perfect especially if you are just starting out with baby products.

I'm so excited to put it to its full use in August when our baby girl arrives. We have had it on a couple of test runs already and it doesn’t disappoint. At such a magical time shopping for baby products is my favourite thing to do. Nuby being my first port of call when we started our baby shopping.

So if you are deciding which steriliser to use this one is most definitely a great choice.

About the author : Lucy is a mummy to a toddler Ollie and soon-to-be mummy to a baby girl. You can see more about her journey through motherhood by following @Lucyelizabeth_xo
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