When any new parent brings baby home for the first time, it’s natural to feel nervous. You can read all of the books in the world, but there’s nothing quite like living it for yourself – magical, unknown, filled with joy and exhausting – often all at the same time.

Sleep (or lack of) is a topic on every new parent’s mind, which makes choosing the right sleeping arrangements for you and your family, one of the most important early decisions.

Remember that this is your individual experience to shape in the way you choose, so be kind to yourself and try not to compare yourself to others.

One thing’s for sure – with the peace of mind that your precious little one can sleep safely and close to you, you’ll feel more relaxed to get some much needed shut eye yourself.

That’s why we’ve launched our new Sleep By Me Crib. The secure crib keeps you close to your newborn, nurturing your special bond and helping you both enjoy better sleep.

Why is a good crib important?  

When it comes to babies and sleep, often it’s the little things that make a big difference. Initially, it’s getting some, and having a crib that’s designed to aid sleep for you and your little one, is so valuable in the early days.

Knowing that baby is secure in a crib that meets the approved safety standards, means you can rest easy. You can find lots of helpful advice on safe sleeping from the Lullaby Trust.

You’ll need a crib that’s suitable from birth, but will grow with baby through the first few months, as you get to know each other and find the sleep routine that works for you.

Co-sleeping cribs are becoming increasingly popular and a good crib will help you bond, while baby keeps their safe separate space. By being near to them, you’ll be alerted by subtle cues from baby in the night and he or she will sense that you are close by.

How to choose the right crib?  

Ask yourself, what are the features you need to fit in with you and your lifestyle? It’s recommended that baby sleeps in your bedroom for the first six months, so what space do you have available and what will fit in with your décor? Do you need something portable? 

While you’re figuring out your sleep routine together, it’s a good idea to have a crib which is versatile that can be used either as a standalone or by the bedside.

Our Sleep By Me crib has an adjustable side panel which you can easily zip open and fold down for co-sleeping, so you’re next to baby to soothe them, as well as being closer for night feeds.

It’s totally natural to worry as a new parent, so look for features that will ease your mind. For example, if baby is suffering from a cold, colic or reflux, can your crib be easily inclined to ease the symptoms?

Think about what will help you and baby get the best night’s sleep possible. A flat, comfortable mattress which baby likes, is key.

Our new crib comes with a changeable coloured night light, lullabies, white noise and soft vibrations, giving baby a helping hand to nod off.

It’s amazing how much stuff you acquire with a new baby, so having extra storage space will come in handy too!

What do you get with the Sleep By Me crib?

The crib comes complete with mattress, detachable light and sound unit and carry case. You can use it as a standalone crib and wheel it from room to room. Or, it can be used as a bedside crib, and adjusted to the height of your bed.

Watch our handy guide on how to set up the crib – it’s easy to assemble! Once you have it lined up with your bed, there are two straps to keep it securely in place, which fasten firmly around your bed frame. There’s also the option to rock the crib by hand to help baby nod off.


Top five sleep tips from our mums to you

We asked some of our Nuby mums for their top sleep tips – here’s what they said:

1. Don’t anticipate what the night will bring, relax into it and try to go with the flow. Babies sleep a lot during the day so try to do the same and rest as much as possible. Avoid putting extra pressures on yourself and be kind to you. You’ll feel calmer and have more energy if your little one wakes in the night.

2. Make your sleep environment a sanctuary, a cosy, relaxing space for night and day rest. As you get closer to night-time, think about softer lighting and a calming atmosphere, as a way to wind down the day. White noise is also really helpful for babies, as it mimics the sound they hear in the womb.  

3. Stay well fed and hydrated at night – even if it’s a snack for your bedside table, a little treat if you’re tired is more than deserved! Your wellbeing is so important.  

4. Keeping baby close to you in a crib designed for safe co-sleeping, means you can stay lying down and calm your little one through touch. Baby will sense you are close by, while you have your own space too. 

5. If you’re finding things tough, remember that it will pass. It might not feel like it at the time, but it’s a phase and things will get better. It helps if you can reframe negative thoughts and worries – so try to see the early days as cosy time for you and baby, a special time to bond with your new little one.