Proud Dads to Triplets Born Through Surrogacy

The parenting journey is rarely straightforward for anyone and proud dads to triplets Sofia, Ava and Lily are certainly no exception. Two dads who proudly became fathers to triplets through surrogacy during the pandemic tell their story.

1. What do you most enjoy about being Dads to 3 beautiful girls?

We still can’t believe that we’re actually daddies, never mind the fact that we’re daddies to 3 healthy and beautiful little girls. It’s been a long road for us, both emotionally and financially but now were living our dream.

The most surprising part of fatherhood is the instant love you feel for your children when you meet them. We were always told this by family and friends who had their own children, but we thought it was just talk but it’s truly overwhelming in the best possible way!

It’s hard to pinpoint what we have enjoyed the most as we have absolutely loved every minute since our very own “dream girls” arrived in October 2020.

We love the good and the bad, their gorgeous smiles and excitement when we greet us in the morning. We love seeing them asleep at night, we often sneak up to the room and just stand together looking at them. We even enjoy the number of nappies we have to change, and there are a lot!

When we’re out and about with the girls, we do get a lot of attention but it’s for the girls not us lol. Its normally their pushchair which needs its own vehicle licence. People approaching us often see two babies first and assume its twins but then when they get level with us, they soon realise it is triplets. Their reactions are priceless, and you can often see them compute that it is triplets and that we (2 guys) are the parents. Being daddies and a family is the icing on the cake for us.

2. Tell us about your surrogacy journey?

We’ve been together 14 years, married for almost 4, and looking to start a family before we got married. We considered all options and decided on surrogacy as the best route for us.

The surrogacy journey has been a long one, with many ups and downs along the way but it was all worth it when we welcomed our miracles into the world. We met our amazing surrogate in 2019 we knew we’d met a friend for life, she’s so caring and we knew she would look after our girls.

We later joined Surrogacy UK as a team. As a team we agreed to transfer 2 embryos, partly because of our age and two because of the costs for surrogacy. One of the embryos was mine and the other was Andrews. We hoped for twins, but it blew our minds when we knew there were 3! We are unsure which of us are the biological dads to the twins (Sofia & Lilly) and fraternal (Ava). We have our suspicions, but we don’t care who is as they are ‘our girls’ and we will only ever find out if there is a medical need.
Due to COVID, we could not attend most of the scans, including the initial scan. We had to do this over FaceTime. As you can imagine, when the nurse found 3 heartbeats, we were somewhat stunned and overjoyed!
We firmly believe the girls are our miracles, not only due to the fact that we are 2 guys and have been blessed with the girls, but when we did our embryo transfer with our amazing surrogate in Cyprus, the borders closed the day after due to COVID. This obviously also negatively impacted individuals who were looking to do IVF over the last year. We are blessed.
With COVID and the restrictions, a lot of family and friends have only recently met with the girls.  Due to this we decided to create an Instagram account so that they follow the girls.

3. What personality traits do the girls have?

The girls are now 8 months old and their personalities are really starting to come through. It is also incredibly special to see the girls start to recognise each other and communicate… It melts your heart.
Sofia is rough and ready and loves to be tickled and joshed about. She loves to roll from one side of the mat to the other like the Tasmanian devil. She is extremely ticklish, loves cuddling and has the biggest smile. However, when she is hungry she and Lilly are like something possessed and they lose all sense of reason.
Ava is the social butterfly, loves meeting new people and often does her flirtatious smile to them, it’s so cute. She greets people with a big smile and loves to keep her sisters in check. She won’t do something she doesn’t want to and loves to crawl (backwards).
Lilly is our sensitive soul, she has the most beautiful smile but is often photographed with a serious face. Like Sofia, she is extremely ticklish and loves a good cuddle. She can be shy at first, often weighing the situation up but after a while she will give you a beautiful smile. Listening to all girls giggle has to be the best thing ever and they can turn a bad day into something extremely precious.


*All of these responses are from @dads_to_girl_triplets 💗 and based on their own opinions and life experiences.  They don’t necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organisation, employer or company.