Why Should I Use UV Sterilisation for my Baby's Bottles?

The sterilising of baby feeding equipment and accessories is one of the most important, and time consuming, tasks for parents to undertake. As we move through difficult times together, parents have arguably become more aware of the importance of sterilising baby equipment. Traditionally, sterilising is carried out using water; either by creating steam through electric or microwave heating, or by popping sterilising tablets in cold water and leaving overnight. It’s typically a complex and time-consuming procedure. Sterilising before every feed and then of course drying and cooling them takes time and when you have a hungry, crying baby waiting to be fed it is not ideal. Thankfully, there is a new way to get the same results, in a more practical way.

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that kills microorganisms. It can sterilise all the baby feeding equipment you need, safely and effectively in just THREE minutes without any faff. We understand that it may seem too good to be true. After all, how can a process that normally takes about twenty minutes suddenly take only three minutes? We understand a change in method may be hard to trust, so here are a few reasons why switching to UV Sterilisation is a total game changer. 

It is used in the Medical Industry

That’s right – hospitals use the technology for the sterilisation of equipment, rooms, and medical instruments. In fact, scientists and Medical professionals have been using the technology for over 100 years! Sterilisation in a hospital and other medical environments is of course extremely important, as it is imperative to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of any infection or further illness. Medical professionals relying on UV for sterilisation speaks volumes for the technology and its effectiveness.

It produces no heat, needs no electricity and is great for when you’re out and about

No cooling the equipment after it’s been sterilised – that’s too good to be true, right? Actually no, as the technology uses just powerful UV lighting to kill the nasties, it generates no heat. As such, whatever is inside won’t need to be cooled down, or even overheat, and can be used immediately. So, you’re out and about in a busy place, you drop your little one’s favourite toy on the floor, and they can be back playing with it again in 3 minutes! That’s one way to avoid a tantrum!

No water or tablets are required

The technology allows effective sterilisation without the need for water, steam, or sterilising tablets. This makes it a simple one step process to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and is extremely handy when you need to sterilise on the go. The Portable UV Steriliser Bag enables you to sterilise anytime, anywhere, and with just one charge allows 17 cycles of sterilisation. It cuts down on risk, too – no boiling water means no chance of a spillage scalding you or worse, your little one.

You can use it too!

Though primarily you will be sterilising equipment for your child, the current climate means that we want to eliminate any risk of germs wherever possible – think hand sanitiser dispensers on every wall! With a UV Steriliser you can pop in your mobile phone, television remote, or anything else that you think has a chance of picking up some nasty bacteria – pop it in the bag and zap those germs!

The three UV sterilisers in the Nuby range

Counter Top UV Steriliser

So simple to use, the Countertop UV Steriliser even looks great in your kitchen, and is compact too, so it doesn’t take up much bench space. It is lightweight too, so if you wanted to take it away with you on holiday, there is the option for that. Bottles, dummies and even the television remote and your mobile phone will fit in the steriliser, so there are a range of uses for both you and your baby!

Portable UV Steriliser

The lightweight, rechargeable Portable UV Steriliser sterilises baby feeding accessories, on-the-go, in just THREE minutes. Again, producing no heat and requiring no water or chemicals, the steriliser is perfect for day trips or holidays with your little one. Made from a super-stylish fabric which is of course easy to clean, the batteries last up to 17 sterilising cycles with just one charge – ideal for those days out and about exploring!

UV Dummy Steriliser

Perfect for clipping onto a buggy or bag, the UV Dummy Steriliser is completely portable for on-the-go sterilising. Once sterilised, taking just ONE MINUTE, the dummy can be used straight away as, of course, there is no heat generated so no cooling time is required. Powered either by a mains link or using 3 x AA batteries, this uses less electricity than a traditional steam steriliser. The steriliser is incredibly compact and weighs next to nothing, so on-the-go sterilising has never been easier.